Friday, October 7, 2011

High School

It has been just over a year since the last time I left a post. Most probably think I completely stopped. Wrong!! I just have not had time. Especially right now. I have marching band going on, school, and I got a job!! How exciting.. Little Caesars is a lot of fun but with it being comp season having a job and band leaves me little time for anything else.
High school so far has been pretty great. I'm getting to the point where I am understanding everything. I have amazing teachers which makes all my classes so much better. The only class I don't have a friend with is seminary but most of my friends have it at the same time so at one point this year I probably will have seminary with someone. But even with out anyone seminary is amazing!
Marching band... sigh its amazing so far. We had our first comp last Saturday and we got 2nd!! it took until the end of last year to even place in the comp. So it was such and amazing experience. We also got best in music.
Hint Hint there's a comp here at the high school tomorrow we perform at 6:30 so... You really should go and support Pleasant Groves amazing marching band :)
I have the most amazing friends anyone could ask for and I have got to say.. lunch at my house I don't think it could get anymore interesting. To much talk about how people eat there apples. :) One of the best things ever is the my friends are always there for me no matter what and I know if and when I need them they will be there and I will be there for them no matter what also. I do have some of the strangest friends around though.From talking about boots to stroking my hair. I don't think I could find any funnier, stranger, more amazing friends anywhere.
University of Utah is doing good and bad this year. we beat Byu so I'm proud of them. Kelle and I make sure to wear our Utes stuff as often as possible even if all we hear is crap from everyone around. We love the days when we don't even plan it but we both wear our Utah gear. Living here in happy valley Utah almost everyone you meet is a Byu fan. So Kelle and I are so proud of our school and will show it anytime of day no matter what kind of things we hear from all of our friends.
Life is great and I promise I will work on updating this more often :)

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